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Another #autumn shot from the MERL garden #universityofreading #museumofenglishrurallife #fall #pink #flowers #garden #bright #rdguk #readingengland #readingmuseum


Another #autumn shot from the MERL garden
#universityofreading #museumofenglishrurallife #fall #pink #flowers #garden #bright #rdguk #readingengland #readingmuseum

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"A trifle can upset her, and then she becomes unfair and aggressive. But you must understand that the reason she becomes so easily hurt is that she’s very vulnerable."
Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins (via violentwavesofemotion)

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"I related easily to the repressed anger that Nora has. We didn’t really get angry in my house. Anger was considered to be a bad, non-Christian emotion. I totally disagree with that now. I’m a highly passionate person. I get very angry sometimes, and I get very happy. Now, to me, anger is just another colour."
Janet McTeer discusses relating to the character of Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, in a 1997 interview. (via sangfroidwoolf)
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I picture you,
your mother driving you back
through villages graced with
ancient names,
and me,
reading the seasons
from trees in a row
on Bayswater Road,
orange peeking weakly
through the green.

I picture you coming home
to a cup of coffee,
to not finding me
cross-legged on
your living-room floor,
immersed in words.

I picture the stream
at the end of your road
where, seconds too slow,
you didn’t take
my photo,
and here,
suburbs somewhere between
harrowing and characterised,
haunts for house-cats
and robins,
not the red-gold deer
and badgers
of your fields;
street-lamps bewildered
by silence,
city foxes shocked
by shadows.

I picture you picking up the phone
to someone I’ve never met
except in bleak
re-reading the letter from her
that you keep by your bed
just in front of the
picture I drew.

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In the woods beside Loch Lomond I found a trampoline, so I tried tumble-turns for the first time in a long time and was irrationally delighted that I can still do them. This is after feeling some odd, immense fear of turning over, as I’ve been trying to do tumble-turns in the local pool for ages, but for some reason have kept freaking out and pulling out at the last moment.

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